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Is Dr. Google a Real Expert on Dentistry?

Dr. Google has become a common source of dental advice and information for patients due to the widespread availability of online resources. However, the question remains: Is Dr. Google a real expert on dentistry?

On the positive side, the internet can provide quick and easy access to dental information, such as best practices for maintaining good oral health and information on dental issues, symptoms, conditions, and potential treatments. Patients can also use the internet to learn more about dental procedures before discussing them with their dentist.

However, the internet is also full of misleading and incorrect information that can be harmful to patients' oral health. Patients may self-diagnose, misinterpret symptoms, and attempt to treat dental issues themselves, potentially causing more harm than good. Relying solely on online information can also lead to misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, and complications.

Check out this video on the risks of delaying treatments

To make the most of the resources available online, it's important for patients to use the internet as a supplement to professional dental advice, not as a replacement. Patients should seek information from reputable sources and confirm any information with their dentist. It's also important to be cautious of anything that sounds too good to be true and avoid self-diagnosing or self-treating dental issues without the guidance of our dental professionals.

At By The Lake Dental we believe that your awareness and care are key to your oral health success! We use an educational approach during routine hygiene and dental visits to raise patient awareness about their oral health. We explain treatment options in detail and provide guidance during treatment while also providing relevant information on how to maintain oral health following treatment. We also regularly share interesting and insightful oral health content on our website and social media. We encourage patients to search for oral health content on the internet to improve their awareness but it should not replace the expertise of a dental professional. Patients should use the internet with care, only as a supplement to our professional dental advice, to avoid the potential harm of inaccurate or misleading information.

Do you have any questions about oral health, hygiene or dental treatments? If you asked Dr. Google, don't forget to book an appointment with our dental team to get a professional opinion on the best approach for your oral health situation.

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