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Here at By The Lake Dental we use the most modern technological resources in order to provide more agility, precision and safety to our patients during treatment, in addition to reducing or eliminating discomfort resulting from dental procedures. Our state-of-the-art technology is all used regularly by our team, so you will get to experience it. Have a look at what some of what we have to offer below!

iTero Scanner – iTero Element®

The compact iTero Element® digital scanning system is a state-of-the-art system with many capabilities, which allows us to take a digital impression of your mouth which is more precise and accurate in comparison to any other method. No need of messy impression materials! Did you know your gums and teeth are constantly changing! The scanner is used to predict and track the changes which everyone’s mouth goes through. The use of this state-of-the-art technology allows us to send your digital impression directly to our labs for the fabrication of mouthguards, retainers, crowns, Invisalign® and so much more. It also allows us to offer same-day crowns with our in-house milling machine!



In order to provide the highest level of safety to our patient community, By The Lake Dental goes above and beyond industry standards and sterilization requirements by adopting the latest technologies such as the Steri-Tracker.

Steri-Tracker is an end-to-end sterilization tracker process that allows us to track all sterilization cycles by gathering and recording important information and linking it to the patient's clinical notes.

Single Tooth Anesthesia® (STA)

Have things to do after your visit with us? With our Single Tooth Anesthesia system there is no collateral numbness, it is only directly in the area it needs to be. This means you will not have to deal with numb lips or tongue after their visit, and can continue on with your day as normal. This system allows us to provide the you with maximum comfort, as it is discomfort-free.  The STA delivers the anesthesia at the right rate, based on tissue density from a pen with a very small needle at the tip. This ensures the right amount of anesthesia is always used, and is much less intimidating for you than a normal needle.


NV Pro3 Microlaser®

Our NV Pro3 Microlaser® is a dental soft tissue diode laser, which is used to remove bothersome soft tissue within the mouth, desensitize teeth, and disinfect pockets.  This device makes many procedures possible, from removing tongue tags to gumline maintenance, and so much more.

NV pro3.jpg


Velscope ® is an oral tissue exam machine, which aids in the early visualization of many different oral tissue issues. This includes cancer, and pre-cancer which would not be able to be spotted by the naked eye. It is also used to visualize viral, fungal bacterial infections as well as inflammation. With Velscope ® we are able to detect all of these issues and prepare the necessary care plan or referral based on your needs.

Claris® i5HD intraoral camera

Technology is part of our DNA, in order to provide the most modern, effective and efficient dental experience to our patients. At By The Lake Dental, we have the latest technological devices such as the Claris i5HD intraoral camera. This is one of the most advanced intraoral cameras on the dental market, providing unbeatable image quality, high-level accuracy in dental exams and diagnoses and more comfort for our patients.

We believe awareness leads to care. By providing you with a picture of your teeth we are able to better educate and make you aware of your oral health, in addition to deciding on the best treatment approach.

By The Lake Dental is one-stop-shop dental office where you can find everything you need for your treatment, including our modern X-ray machines. All our x-ray machines use digital technology, which decreases the radiation exposure by 70-90%.

Panoramic X-ray machine for a macro view of your mouth and the cephaloetric x-ray for brac

Panoramic X-Ray

The Panaromic X-ray, or Pan, allows our team to see what's really going on in your mouth, from ear to ear to throat, on a deeper level. With the Pan X-ray, we are able to see from a simple cavity and the amount of decay to gum disease, abscess, bone loss and other tooth damage or disease that isn’t visible to the naked eye. If we see an area of concern, we can further investigate with closer images. By being aware of the condition of your mouth, our dental team can determine the most efficient and effective treatment, while educating you on how to maintain good oral health.

Cepholometric X-Ray

The Cepholometric X-ray, or Ceph, is an extension of our Pan X-ray machine. It shows the side view of the patient's head and can be used for orthodontic evaluations, diagnosis of wisdom teeth impaction, advanced periodontal disease and much more. At By The Lake Dental, Ceph is used very often for braces or Invisalign assessments. Ceph will help our dentists to visualize and make accurate measurements in order to plan orthodontic treatments.

Ceph is also used to understand the growth pattern of children. By taking an X-ray of the child's hand, we can gage how much more growth will occur in the child to decide when the best time to start an orthodontic treatment is. The growth assessment is also available for parents interested in understanding their children's growth potential. It is very useful for child athletes.


Intraoral X-Ray

Intraoral X-ray can be used by our team to detect cavities, assess bone density, integrity of fillings and other simple assessments.


It´s easily adapted to fit every X-ray situation, being a quick and comfortable alternative to our patients.

Book an appointment today and take advantage of the state-of-the-art dental care provided at By The Lake Dental.


By the Lake Dental has a highly dedicated and motivated team of dental professionals who share a patient-centric culture. Our team covers a diverse set of dental disciplines, allowing us to offer a full service – ‘one-stop shop’ - dental experience. We look forward to having the opportunity to share our dental culture with you.


Have a look at our reviews and learn what our patient community is saying about their experience at By The Lake Dental.


"I visited this Dental Office for a broken molar. The visit was amazing. The work was very well-done, painless, and fast! They really spoke to me gently, and were very understanding about my tooth. It was all fixed up, and wow! What a great result. I am smiling again!"







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