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Dr. Pooneh Mohebbi

Dr. Pooneh Mohebbi obtained her Endodontics board certification at Azad University of Tehran, Iran in 2012. After graduation from the specialty program she served as an assisstant professor for 6 years before moving to Canada in 2018. 

She received her Canadian General Dentistry license through NDEB Equivalency Process in January 2020. 

Since then, she started working as an instructor in ConfiDentist group, helping newly-come foreign dentists to get through their dental licensure in Canada and as a general dentist in private practices performing exclusively root canal treatments.

In 2021, she was chosen in Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program (DSATP) of Endodontics by the University of Toronto, which is a very select program in Canada taking only one foreign trained endodontist per year.

She wrote National Dental Specialty Examination in 2022 and is now a board certified Endodontist in Canada, devoting one day per week to teaching at the University of Toronto, and also working as an endodontist in private practice.

She does meditation, yoga and/or Pilatese everyday, which now become a lifestyle rather than a hobby and help her to be a better version of herself not only in her career but also in life.

Languages spoken

•          English

•          Farsi/ Persian



•          Azad University of Tehran (Iran)

•          University of Toronto

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